The witcher 3 where to sell stuff

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However, the more valuable items are also rare, and those items (dimeritium especially) are required to craft the highest level Witcher gear. Certain junk items, like jewelry, can be sold for a significant sum, but youre better off dismantling these items

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Dismantle em. I wouldnt bother to keep the gems except for in the very early game. Youll need various gem dusts to make Witcher swords but, once out of White Orchard, those are in plentiful supply in loot drops. Ive kept all the flawless gems Ive found, but I havent had to use them yet! So Im not sure those arent worth selling as well.

Where to sell jewelry? - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

the witcher 3 where to sell stuff
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Sell all your junk to the bottle merchant once he has enough money. Go to the loanshark near the fast travel sign near Novigrads south gate. The loanshark has an instantly replenishing supply of Florens he sells for 3 Crowns each (which is apparently the same as a bank). Buy enough Florens to sell him your bottles to make your money back.

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When he runs out of crowns after you sell your junk to him, buy his Empty Bottles, sell more stuff, exit his shop, reopen it, and repeat to the point where you have sold everything for 100% of its value. At this point you should have hundreds or thousands of Empty Bottles in your inventory. Each worth 1 crown.
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