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What is the origin of the (presumably) military aviation

The after one more turn, the pilot calls ATC and declares "Bingo Fuel" in an attempt to get out of holding and on to the approach. At this point, what would you expect ATC to do? Vote below, and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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bingo fuel "Bingo Fuel" was the amount of fuel remaining to safely reach the "Bingo Field". The "Bingo Field" was the closest land based airfield which could be used as a backup in case the aircraft was unable to land on the aircraft carrier for any reason.

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Burn to Destination is auto-filled to Calculate Bingo, and the Bingo Fuel number is auto-filled over to Time To Hold. Designed by a commercial airline pilot, much care was taken to make Bingo Fuel clean, user-friendly and efficient. Enter your values, get results and use that information to safely complete your flight.

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Bingo Fuel. 40 likes. entretenimiento !!

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bingo fuel Bingo fuel is when you have reached the final point from which your aircraft can safely return to base without running out of fuel. Joker fuel is when you are out of gas entirely. 1. 🙏.

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bingo fuel The incident referenced in this article involves a C-210 pilot using the term “Bingo Fuel” to inform ATC that he must land immediately. FAASTeam Safety Notice dated July 31, 2012, “Bingo Fuel is military slang for the minimum fuel required for a comfortableAccording to the and safe return to base.

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bingo-fuel 0 points 1 point 2 points 23 days ago The flight controller is a cheap clone and is not really reliable. Mine went up in magic smoke without any real reason when I plugged in the battery.

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Bingo Fuel. Ok, so if you arc weld underwater, the gas produced is a hydrocarbon that could be used to store the energy produced from wind/solar.

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bingo fuel The BingoFuelReactor (*)uses ordinarytap waterand low voltage electrical energy for producing a synthetic gas. A hightemperature ( 3000-4000°C ) plasma is generated underwater by anelectrical arc between carbon electrodes. The BingoFuelReactorproduces a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen(COH2) and this gas can burn very cleanly in oxygen orair, and so it can be used as fuel for …

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bingo fuel unknown An aviation term indicating that the aircraft has barely enough fuel to return to home base safely . Negative home base , Im running on bingo fuel.

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bingo fuel What does this mean for you? It means you should never use the phrase Bingo Fuel, because ATC wont know what your exact fuel situation is. Sow how did the phrase Bingo Fuel come to be? As it turns out, its a military term. We wont go into the details of what it means in the military world, since were talking about the civilian side of flying today.
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